We feel  SNAP is our most worthwhile program…the best money we spend. We struggle daily with pet overpopulation, due to either irresponsible pet owners or responsible pet owners who just need a little financial assistance to do the right thing.

TAL's SNAP is limited to companion pets living in Bowie, Cass, Little River, and Miller counties. Strays, rescue groups, and shelters are not currently eligible for this program.

This program is designed to help you and your pet with: (1) rabies vaccine prior to your pet being spayed or neutered, and (2) the actual surgery. Any other treatments that your pet may need, for example flea/tick treatment or heartworm treatment, are at your expense.

You must provide proof of income documentation. This information is kept COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and will not be released to anyone  other than TAL SNAP Committee Members who determine eligibility for this program. DOCUMENTATION OF CURRENT INCOME must be uploaded/attached to the online form below. Proof of income examples are, benefits determination letter, recent check stub, recent payroll check, W-2 statement, etc.

If your application is not approved, your payment (in its original form) will be returned to you. The fee is $35 per cat and $50 per dog (no matter what size or age). Upon approval of your application, you will receive a packet detailing steps for redeeming your certificate. Please keep in mind that your certificate is only good for 30 days.

Fill out the following online form (payment is required by credit/debit card at the time you complete form), or download a printable Spay Neuter Assistance (SNAP) application, and mail to Texarkana Animal League, 5820 Richmond Road, Texarkana, TX  75503.


Texarkana Animal League, Inc.
5820 Richmond Road
Texarkana, TX 75503

Spay/Neuter Assistance Program - Printable

Online Form Coming Soon!